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Cancer Man & Pisces Woman

Ramal meramal memang menarik. Kadang menjengkelkan, kadang menyenangkan. Bukan maksud hari mengagungkan astrologi, tapi sekadar bermain-main dengannya.

Secara astrologi barat, Cancer (Arli) dan Pisces (Merry) adalah pasangan serasi nan harmonis. So far sih kami merasakan betul hal itu. Semoga prediksi-prediksi di bawah ini selalu benar adanya. Amin!

Mushy, sexy, spiritual, raunchy, drug-drenched, sensual, hallucinatory and wildly bewitching. (Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Cancer: You and the Fish are probably the two most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Although you can comprehend one another you can also play emotional games and hurt each other. This connection can work if you communicate openly and honestly. ( Source: Love Test )

For Pisces: You belong together. You are both sensitive, weepy and love to dwell in self-pity. This is a great match, certainly lasting, however someone negative and moody. ( Source: Love Test )

Together they can make their dreams a reality. Both are emotional and sensitive to each others needs. A harmonious match. An affectionate, sensitive couple. The two can make their dreams a reality. Pisces provides the love and Cancer provides the protection and together they feel secure. Both are responsive sexually. Cancer must take the lead but Pisces will willingly follow. A wonderful match. Cancer devotes itself exclusively to insecure Pisces, and , in turn, Pisces idolized Cancer. A very compatible pair. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Cancer Man & Pisces Woman

The Pisces lady will melt in his warmth and he will drown himself in her considerable charms. One of the very best combinations. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This is tied with Scorpio as the number-one soulmate match for you. Together, a Pisces girl and a Cancer boy add up to a deeply romantic pair. The love, passion and tenderness that can happen in this relationship are so incredibly, wonderfully romantic that it’s almost unreal. You will be very attracted to each other physically, so the kissing will be sweet and sparkling. He will also see all of your hidden, special qualities and he will idolize you and make you feel like the most special girl on earth. Together, you can tune out the world and create a dreamy love nest for two. This is a perfect emotional and romantic match for you. A soulmate love match. ( Source: Jellybean's Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Sumber: http://www.dressking.com/horoscope/Pisces-Cancer.htm

Astrological Compatibility Pisces with Cancer

There's comfort in having someone in your life who shares the same worries and concerns, and that's exactly the case when Pisces girl joins up with Cancer guy. The only potential problem? You both have a tendency to dwell on the negative when things aren't perfect, and someone needs to lighten the mood. As long as you can do that, this relationship can be smooth and wonderful. ( Source: FUNgirl - Astrology )

Cancer and Pisces is an affectionate, sensitive couple who will help foster each other's ego. Pisces is an imaginative dreamer but Cancer is an imaginative worker-and together they can turn dreams into reality. Pisces provides romance in Cancer's life, and Cancer is the all-protective lover Pisces needs. Both are emotional, intensely devoted, sensitive to each other's moods. They'll hit it off in the boudoir, for both are responsive sexually. Cancer has to take the lead but Pisces is a very willing, erotic follower. A very harmonious match.


Imaginative, Sensitive, Compassionate, Kind, Selfless, Unworldly, Intuitive and Sympathetic Emotional, Loving, Intuitive, Imaginative, Shrewd, Cautious, Protective and Sympathetic Escapist And Idealistic, Secretive And Vague, Weak-Willed And Easily Led Changeable, Moody, Overemotional, Touchy, Clinging and Unable To Let Go

Pisceans are spiritual beings ruled by their feelings. Their journey through life will involve much soul searching and retreat into that hazy world which exists between the real and the unreal. While they are very happy traveling the paths of their inner world, the Piscean compassion and need to help others will ensure they return to the real world regularly.

Pisceans tend to go where life takes them. If they do not like their current direction, they simply retreat into themselves until their direction changes. One of the great dangers for the Pisceans is they sometimes become so involved in their dreams and fantasies they find it difficult to separate fact from fantasy. Another danger is that their docile nature makes it easy for others to take advantage of them.

Pisceans must not allow themselves to become detached from those around them, because they will become depressed, pessimistic and languid. The gentle Pisceans are usually far too shy to tout their talents, which in the arts may be formidable. Their compassion and empathy seems to be without bounds, which makes them a great ally for anyone. The Cancer’s first love is its home and family. They love to nurture those around them. No sacrifice is too large to ensure their home is secure and their loved ones are safe and happy. They are very kind and sharing. Cancers are also very moody, and often retreat into themselves to regenerate, or sometimes sulk. The quickest way for them to rebound from such moments is to do what they do best: nurture others.

Cancers can be very iron-willed and like to have things their way. They are very sensitive to slights and hurt easily. When pained Cancers will retreat into themselves and brood. Although generally they do not like confrontation, Cancers are not above seeking revenge against those that hurt them. Cancers are compassionate and freely show their affection for others. They will set their problems aside to assist others in solving theirs. Being extremely intuitive, they often know what is upsetting someone without being told. They are great communicators and can often help those in trouble with just a few words.

Overall, Cancers are quite gregarious. They love to socialize with their friends and family. Their need to care for those in their circle makes them an asset to any family.

Sumber: http://www.starastrologer.com/compatibility_pisces_cancer.html

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