Senin, 02 Februari 2009

What is love?

Ini ada puisi yg dibuat Merry buat aku..How Romantic it is...:)

I want I could stare you without my heart click faster
I want to feel easily when I checked the emails
I want to remove the desire to send messages for you
I want to believe that love is never exist
But the best friend of me told me not to do that
Because it’s just hurts.
But how hurt I am if I can not stop it all?

Are you the perfect picture that I am looking for?
Nobody is perfect, wise man said
But at least every one of us has a desire to make a perfect picture about our future
I am not so sure that you are my perfect picture
But no matter just fill the empty side of my heart
Thanks for being the sketch of my perfect picture
No matter if you are not my real perfect picture in reality
As you know, I am a dreamer...hard core dreamer!
The real dreamer has no regret!