Selasa, 20 November 2007

A Girl with The Sparking Stars

A long long time a go,there's a little girl who want to touch the
star.She tried to climb the roof but she flew.Then she climbed the
mountain,she met a guy that she tought as a prince charming.But the guy was
broke her dream about the stars.She was hurt and try to climb the higher
mountain.Finally,she flies so high and almost touch the sparkling
stars.She never give up..never..because she has no regret!

Nah itu puisiku..hmm dulu sempet nyaris jadi penyair,gaul sama penyair dsb..tapi ada hal2 menarik dari sekedar syair2 itu..there's so many things more interesting..those sparkling stars!I don't touch or have it yet. But I believe,someday I will.With or without my prince charming :-)

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