Jumat, 23 November 2007

The Young Greek Philosopher 2

Dear Arli, the girl is a woman now. She just know what she wants and
 how to make it real. She has many many dreams beside to reach the
 sparkling stars. She's been climbing many mountains,hills,valleys..She loves
 the rainbow,the rain,the snow,the  flowers,and all happening on the
 mother earth.With her little cutie angel,she built a house and keep on
 dreaming about the sparkling stars.She believes,she will reach it and bring
 it home.With or without the prince charming. Life is so pretty, even
 prettier than any movies she ever watched.Than any books she ever
 read.Than any songs she ever listened. She will never stop dreaming until the
 Kingdome Come..Hope she will meet the Young Philosopher someday,to
 learn more about life :-)

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